Rustic Lounge Pendant

Residential Custom Lighting

Home is where the heart is... whether that be a primary residence, or a home away from home. Residential lighting is a key component to happy living. Investing in the lighting of your home will only better define those moments of solitude, family, or entertainment. The simplicity of a fixture can serve as a peace of mind, while a tactile flourish can elevate the nature of thriving. Meyda Lighting provides whatever that desire looks like, and together we can satisfy the spectrum of your expectation.

Ambient or General Lighting 

Provides an overall comfortable level of brightness without glare, usually from a ceiling mounted fixtures.

Task Lighting 

Such as undercabinet lighting helps you prepare food or illuminate objets d’art in curios and on bookshelves. Sconces by the bathroom mirror serve as vanity lights to deliver flattering illumination while shaving or applying makeup.

Accent Lighting

Adds drama to a space and directs light onto surfaces or objects, or washes a wall. Accent artwork or pictures for a greater impact with spots, picture lights or recessed fixtures.

Decorative Lighting 

Brightens the space, illuminates beautiful objects, and creates beauty by its own design.

Custom Finishing

The crowning touch for any custom decorative piece is the finish, and when it comes to the finish, process is everything. Over the years, Meyda has developed a myriad of meticulous finishing techniques. Additionally it has purchased state of the art application equipment and invested in the latest technologies. Create a poetical fusion for fixture details and surfaces with the rich hues, depth, sheen and character of mottled wet paints brushed by artisans and the consistent durability of environmentally friendly, scratch and chemical resistant powder coat. Additional innovative processes include: color blending/replicating, sand carved etching, electroplating, anodizing, burnishing, museum grade clear and tinted waxing, dyeing, reverse painting, grinding, abrading, cutting, faux wood, antiquing, and natural aging, as well as high polished, hand-buffed and chemical patinas for specular reflection or a satin look. Protective marine grade and UV/corrosion resistant exterior finishes are available to withstand the harshest climates. Meyda has the ability to meet the most discerning client needs and provide value added techniques for volume conscious purchasers. With hundreds of hand-applied finish options to choose from, Meyda Lighting offers an extensive palette of rich tones and textures to reflect individual tastes, sensibilities and lifestyles.

Classic Luxury Pendant
Beige Flemish Flushmount
Classic Copper Mount
Gothic Candle Chandelier
Custom Idalight Sconce
Custom Sizes

Scalability is important in today’s changing marketplace. It’s important to work with manufacturers that can create statement pieces in nearly any size- from the massive grand styled chandeliers to mid-sized ceiling mounts and sconces, delicate mini pendants. No project is too large or complex. Scale and proportion can be optimized with the ideal amount of luminance and application efficiency.

Lamping Options

Dimmable Lamping options present a variety of standard and energy efficient light sources for today’s interior and exterior environments. These options include efficient light emitting diodes (LEDS), organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs) and compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) plus conventional lamps such as incandescent bulbs for low and line voltage systems to meet various electrical requirements and energy regulations. LEDs and other bulbs can be custom selected based lumen output, color rendering index (CRI), color temperature (CCT), optics (beam angle), energy savings and rated lamp life.

Smart Technology, Special Wiring and Mounting

Custom lighting designs may include smart technology or conventional controls to manage each lighting layer autonomously, and connected, throughout your space. Wall and hand held devices control a multitude of circuits, luminaires, fans, motion sensors, photo cells, integrated cameras for security, etc.

Special Wiring and Mounting

Special wiring, mounting and other options can be implemented to provide custom lighting solutions for individual design challenges and unique space requirements such as uneven ceiling and wall surfaces or fixtures installed distances from J-box. Luminaire can be engineered to install on flat and vaulted ceilings of any pitch or height. Custom yokes wrap around wooden log beams in camps and timber homes. In environments with harsh conditions, fixtures can be secured with anti-sway or seismic-proof suspensions for stability. The overall height of some fixtures can be modified by adjusting the chain or cable length in the field to accommodate specific application needs. Fixture suspension systems can be engineered without a power cord, using aircraft cables for balance, precision and a clean aesthetic.

Light Labs and Testing

Most reputable manufacturers use Light Labs where every product is lamped, wired, installed and rigorously tested for design, energy efficiency, performance and quality. A comprehensive checklist of specifications are evaluated against the client approved architectural drawings for quality assurance. Specs include product dimensions, finishes, diffuser colors and materials, hardware, components, optics, controls, and lamping features such as CRI, CCT, lumen output and rated life. Larger chandeliers and pendants receive special examination for structural integrity. All products should be tested and approved by Underwriters Laboratories (UL), a national recognized independent product safety certification organization, and its affiliated organization (cUL), the Underwriters Laboratories of Canada. Custom lighting can be engineered and produced to meet nearly any industry standard including California Title 24, IP listings, Dark Sky, ADA Compliant, ETL and others. Quality assurance is critical.

Custom Packaging & Shipping

Custom packaging and special shipping are used to ensure that custom lighting fixtures ship securely and installs seamlessly. Your fixture should be custom-crated and shipped with side marks and detailed documentation to facilitate on-site logistics and installation. Inspection, delivery timing and installation equipment should be coordinated with the contractor or electrician.

You can be sure that you’ll receive a high-quality final product, whether it is a Custom Chandelier, Custom Pendant, Custom Sconce or other type of custom fixture.

Custom Rustic Pendant
Meyda is a One Stop Shop for custom lighting where you concept is transformed into a reality. The factory includes a full team of engineers and nearly every manufacturing process under one roof. Quality and lead time control is its specialty and no project is too large or complex. Elegant style and impeccable craftsmanship inspire timeless luxurious lighting designs.
Custom Rustic Chandel-air
American artisan-crafted contemporary luminaires are modern marvels of engineering and design with unique elements, ranging from halo rings to atomic styled orbs. Not just limited to energy efficient LEDs, Meyda’s latest offering features ultra-thin OLEDs that use nanotechnology for glare-free light and visual comfort. 

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