Made In The USA

Two Meyda employees working

Manufactured in Yorkville, NY

With a completely vertical operation from engineering, production, finishing and marketing, Meyda offers its extensive Made-in-the-USA program with ever-expanding manufacturing capabilities using state-of-the-art equipment, and implementing more processes in-house to ensure customer quality from start to finish.

Our manufacturing facility is 180,000 square feet and our warehouse is 2,340,000 cubic fet to support fast delivery on over 4500 imported skus from our tiffany reproduction and stained glass collections.

Pride and Consideration at Every Step

We carry a UL Certification on Portable and Lumiere. This allows a peace of mind as a consumer, as we have met the expected requirements to provide safe and durable lighting. Although this aspect can be an afterthought in the decorative lighting industry, we acknowledge the importance of safety. We provide the confidence and repour necessary for inspections, and further consider the importance of maintaining our legacy in elevated lighting design.

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