Custom Chandelier

Commercial Lighting Design

Designers and engineers should be able to work with clients on any type of custom lighting design–from chicken scratch on a napkin to a product photo, sample or drawing. Designs are integrated into architectural interior and exterior plans to visualize fixtures in place, prior to fabrication while sharing layouts. CAD drawings help to project plans to fulfill your aesthetic vision, functional requirements and building codes. Consistent client communication ensures accuracy and ignites a creative spark and ingenuity to fuel conceptual work. Engineers review product testing, perform technical troubleshooting and implement upgrades based on testing. They work on design specifications and photometrics that comply with industry standards and project requirements, and provide information for publication.

Customization will include choosing fixture style, dimensions and proportions, lens, shade and finish materials, diffuser requirements, electrification and lumen output, installation specifications, and other issues that impact fixture aesthetics and function, manufacturability, budget and lead time. Work closely with the engineering team to verify installation specifications including weight restrictions, wattage and amp requirements, hardware, and assembly instructions.

Custom Lighting Fabrication

Custom lighting fabrication may include a variety of technologies including water jet cutting, laser cutting, brake presses and hand forging to create architectural detailing, delicate scrolling and hammered textures.

Blown Glass Pendant

Mouth blowing glass creates diffusers with special contours, curves, bends and castings while glass fusing, slumping and casting gare other fabrication methods.

Antique Paramount Flushmount

Glass can be sanded, cut etc. or copperfoil constructed together to create a stained glass shade. In addition to glass, custom lighting often uses the lightweight, more durable acrylic diffusers, especially in commercial settings.

Quality Antique Pendant

Custom lighting can incorporate a variety of quality materials including: acrylic art glass, crystal, mica, fabrics, jadestone and wood.

Idalight Steel Sconce

Hardware may include copper, bronze, iron, brass or steel, some treated with special finishes to prevent corrosion from water, wind or salt air.

Lead Time Management

Lead time management is extremely important in the custom lighting process. Timelines can vary depending on the size and the complexity of the project but are more likely to be ensured by providing deadlines in the beginning of the process. Most suppliers offer special accommodations upon request if provided with advance notice. Working with American manufacturers typically offers faster lead times with domestic production, a distinctive advantage over overseas suppliers. Do not book your electrician or contractor for fixture installation until you receive final shipping confirmation from the manufacturer.

Our dedicated team of designers, engineers and customer service professionals will work directly with you to provide the specific Custom Lighting Design that meets your needs. We will gladly collaborate with you and your team on any product or project.

Custom LED Chandelier

World's Largest LED Chandelier

Meyda Custom Lighting division was launched during the building of the world's largest freestanding chandelier, which is a centerpiece of the Stanley Theatre in Utica, New York. The massive chandelier is 35 feet wide, 11 feet tall, weighs over 3 ton, and was created using advanced technology and artisanship employed by the division. The beauty of the custom lighting business is the continuous integration of new technology with expert craftsmenship in our manufacturing facilities in Upstate New York at the foothills of the great Adirondack Mountains.

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