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Meyda Lighting, the premier rustic lighting manufacturer with a diverse design library and a talented design team. Customized Meyda Rustic Lighting designs are a staple in our extensive, configurable Made-to-Order collection. Many of them are domestically produced in our 180,000 square foot manufacturing facility. We are your One Stop Shop for luxurious decorative lighting. Every fixture is completely customizable and if you don't see what you like, we will create a distinctive design concept based on your specific lighting needs. With a complete team of engineers and nearly every manufacturing process under one roof, we deliver superior quality, award winning designs and stringent lead-time management. We are a vertically integrated operation that controls every step of production, including lighting design, fabrication, craftsmanship, hand finishing, powder coating and contract services.Our dedicated team of designers, engineers and customer service professionals will work directly with you to provide the specific Rustic Lighting Design that meets your needs. We will gladly collaborate with you and your team on any product or project.

rusitc lighting custom lighting rustic lighting

What does that mean for you?
We can turnaround your request for a rustic lighting fixture order, from concept to an architectural drawing, to manufacturing to expeditious and safe shipping, with unsurpassed quality control and reliable lead times.

Final product
You can be sure that you'll receive a high-quality final product, whether it is a Rustic Chandelier, Rustic Lighting Pendant or another type of lighting fixture.

Modified and Customized rustic lighting designs
Inspired by one of our existing rustic lighting products, but you need it in a different color or size? Contact us today. We're the experts at modifying a design to give you the customization that you require. Design through delivery, we offer exceptional service and a streamlined process, ensuring your made-to-order piece is on-time and on-budget.

Rustic Lighting Pine Branches Pendant

Rustic Lighting Horse Custom Pendant
Rustic Lighting Gothic Chandlier with Fan

Wide range of Products
Meyda offers a broad range of nature inspired lighting and home decor. Our designers are inspired by the nearby Adirondack Mountains in Upstate New York. This rustic made-to-order off ering comprises stunning silhouettes of wildlife, animals, acorns, pinecones and other motifs found in the mountain and lake regions across the northern hemisphere. This line also features Heavy Rustic- Gothic inspired and bold ironwork, Traditional timeless classics: and Contemporary Rustic designs featuring an industrial chic.


Interested in requesting a custom rustic Lighting quote?
Contact us today at or call us direct at 1.800.222.4009

Customized Rustic Lighting Products:
Meyda has been making the world more beautiful with decorative lighting for over 45 years. Each year we create thousands of customized rustic lighting products. Share in the impeccable quality, style and American craftsmanship as we take our creative talents to the next level. Here is a sampling of just a few of them.

See something you like? Click on any of the images to discover more images and specs regarding each project.





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